Wildcat F18 – Old sails compared to new sail

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Foot Comparison

We realised early on that if our intent was to race this boat, we needed to replace the sails. While the sails were in ok condition, they are old and on the point of starting to delaminate. The kite in particular was probably letting more air through it than it was holding. The spinnaker sock was literally falling apart in … Read More

Wildcat F18 – Our Refurbished Foils

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In order to minimise drag on a race boat the need for the hull and foils to be ‘fair’ is most important. Fair in this case means that the hull/foil is smooth and water can move across/around it with the minimum of changing of direction. Obviously a hull has shaping so the water can’t travel in a straight line, which … Read More

New Project – Wildcat F18 – Man maths strikes again

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During the IMA National Championships at Swords, Ireland, in September, we were down working on the 600, near to the club house, building a set of Spectra/Dynema shrouds to replace the damaged metal ones. Before anyone says anything, yes we know they aren’t class legal but… Predictably this generated a lot of interest, given spectra is banned in rigging for … Read More