RS600 – Mini Refit Pt2

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Shiny Hull

When we did the mini refit in the summer we also gave the hull a bit of a spruce up. Didn’t take any photos then but thought we would follow up now. It was looking rough with chips out of the hull and big dents. We only had a short amount of time to tidy up the hull, so it … Read More

RS600 – A mini refit

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With the Wildcat on the water we decided to give the 600 a quick work over. The underside of the hull had some damage which we needed to fill and fair, and we wanted to get rid of the old blue Pro-Grip on the wings and the deck. Below is the result of the work, before to the left and … Read More

RS600- Iterate and optimise the controls

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Rope take ups

We’ve had a good number of outings on the boat now, and it’s given us the opportunity to fine tune the initial systems. Nothing to major, but more about making the boat as easy to sail as possible. But first lessons learnt to date, firstly the boat is so much easier to sail than the International 14. The boat is … Read More

I14 & RS600- Unpacking our shiny new tiller extensions (Ok they have a matt finish)

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Kevlar/Carbon Tiller Extensions

The problem with carbon or glass tiller extensions is they are notoriously fragile if you fall over the side! A stronger solution is a kevlar/carbon composite, kevlar being a super tough material. Hence they make bullet proof jackets out of it. But it is also very difficult to effectively laminate together, its hard to get the resin penetration. Enter our … Read More

RS600 – Breakdown, clean and make the job list

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Pre Breakdown

We got the boat home, yes she is neglected, but it looks like she is fundamentally sound. First we had to take all of the not permanently attached kit off the boat. We are going to strip the boat all the way down, wings off the whole lot, just to be sure there is no hidden damage. While we are … Read More

A new project – RS600

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With lockdown in Ireland we’ve been banned from sailing the 14 as both of us are outside of the 5km boundary. Also its not exactly subtle to turn up to a club with an International 14! Getting hold of any single handers in Ireland has been next to impossible, more so for trapeze single handers. However fate decided to intervene … Read More