RS600 – Mini Refit Pt2

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Shiny Hull
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When we did the mini refit in the summer we also gave the hull a bit of a spruce up. Didn’t take any photos then but thought we would follow up now.

It was looking rough with chips out of the hull and big dents. We only had a short amount of time to tidy up the hull, so it isn’t a perfect piece of work. But it is a credit to the original boats builds that it looks the way it does.

Pencil Guidance

We targeted fairing out the biggest dents and filling the transom in particular which had seen some hardships. We followed the same process as we did for the F18’s hulls.

Gel coat filler to fill the dents etc, then sand them back with 240 Grit wet and dry. Then full fairing with a long board with 600 Wet and Dry. We used pencil to give us reference of how much material we were taking off. The objective is to clear the pencil but no more.

Once that was done we worked the finish down with 1000, 1200 and 1500 Grit wet and dry. Always with the long board and always using the X sanding pattern. Final finish is to use G3 then G10 rubbing compound and Harken HullKote polish.

The results are below:

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