I14 & RS600- Unpacking our shiny new tiller extensions (Ok they have a matt finish)

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Kevlar/Carbon Tiller Extensions
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The problem with carbon or glass tiller extensions is they are notoriously fragile if you fall over the side!

A stronger solution is a kevlar/carbon composite, kevlar being a super tough material. Hence they make bullet proof jackets out of it. But it is also very difficult to effectively laminate together, its hard to get the resin penetration.

Full length shot

Enter our friend Eike Ehrig, who has been building kevlar/carbon tillers for the International 14 fleet. The carbon tiller which came with the 600 has seen some action and not been terribly well repaired. So we decided to order two new tiller extensions for the 14 and recycle one of the existing ones onto the 600.

Well priced and really well packaged for delivery, very impressed with Eike’s work.

If you need a new tiller extension I can thoroughly recommend contacting Eike: eike_ehrig@yahoo.de

As a side note, the existing tiller extension on my 600 is about 8 inches longer than the 14 ones, so any 600 sailors may want to talk to Eike first about length.

Having now sailed the boat, the tiller extension that came with it was far to long.

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