RS600 – A mini refit

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With the Wildcat on the water we decided to give the 600 a quick work over.

The underside of the hull had some damage which we needed to fill and fair, and we wanted to get rid of the old blue Pro-Grip on the wings and the deck.

Below is the result of the work, before to the left and after to the right.

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  1. Hi,
    I’ve just started putting together an RS600 (# 873 yellow) with the early mast, here in the US. It might be one of only a handful ever delivered to north america. I fixed mine up to the original rigging, lathed a mast plug out of a delrin rod since the original was lost, and put on a new sail, but I’d like to improve it now. I really like what you’ve done and wanted to say thank you for posting the details on the upgrades as I plan on using them to replicate some I like. I may make changes, not sure yet, need more time on the boat.

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