14 REFIT STAGE 11 – Iterate & Improve 2

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2 to 1 from 3 to 1
2 to 1 from 3 to 1

When we designed the rig tensioning system we accidentally over powered the system. In trying to cut the power, we realised that there was an opportunity to cut a little bit of windage, so we changed down to an initial 2:1 purchase, from a 3:1, which brought the total power down to a more reasonable 48:1.

As the load is the same on the anchoring points there was no concern that reducing the number of purchases, would increase the load on the end of the wings. It also helped give enough travel on the main set of purchases for the rig tension and give us our expected rake range with enough tension at full rake.

More damage on the rack
3:1 Initial Tail

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