14 REFIT STAGE 2 – Sanding, Sanding and more Sanding…

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Graphite pencil on the hull to test fairness.

To quote Jim Saltonstall – “Proper Preparation Prevent P*ss Poor Performance”. So first part of the preparation was to talk to boat building expert Nick Harvey to get his advice on how to approach the sanding of the boat. For anyone considering doing this work here is his advice: For the initial sanding use 60 Grit sandpaper, 120 for final … Read More

14 Refit Stage 1 – Stripping the Hull

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Yellow, so much yellow!

Having purchased GBR 1537, a highly modified Morrison 12 (C), and successful boat, she was showing her age and suffering from a degree of neglect. While the hull itself was solid, the deck hardware, , foils and paint work needed attention. The underwater hull was suffering from blistering and the hull was covered in the bents and dings from the … Read More